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Current News

A New Book

Milestones in Dance in the U.S.A,

Written by our own Dr. Elizabeth McPherson, secretary of our board, you can find these and other numerous publications of hers on 



A New Program

The Martha Hill Dance Fund is now working on forming a Mentoring Program for young dancers who are  transitioning from school into the professional field. More on this in the future.


News from Treyden Chiaravalloti,

one of our Covid Relief Grant Recipients.

He will also be on our future Mentoring Committee as an advisor.


From April 2021....."I am premiering a new film this earth day, April 22, 2021 called One Precious Life. There isn't any dancing in this project but all the ticket sales are going to reforesting equator trees in Costa Rica. Trees on the equator are the biggest consumers of carbon dioxide because of the climates' perfect conditions for growth." 


From May 2022....."I have been doing work Bi-coastally and will potentially be in NYC working in a lab process for a new Broadway show this summer based on the movie The Outsiders. 

I have also committed to working towards a Master's in Design Technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. While I will be moving to Cambridge in the fall, I plan to keep my contacts in New York. Hopefully, I can share some new work in NYC while in school." 

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