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The Martha Hill Legacy Series

The Martha Hill Dance Fund is accepting requests from creative and inspiring speakers for its Legacy Series to conduct one of the following:

  • a class, lecture, panel, or event celebrating Martha Hill's lifetime achievements

  • an informal "salon" to introduce the work of Martha Hill.

The goal of The Legacy Series is to educate and inspire students, artists, teachers and community members about the life and work of Martha Hill by reaching a broad range of audiences.

To participate in The Legacy Series, please send us the following information: your name, name of your organization, full address, telephone, email, your target audience, date of event, and location of event. Please also tell us about your organization.

Upon the completion of your event, The Martha Hill Dance Fund will contribute $100 to help cover your costs for a guest speaker, flyers, refreshments, etc.

Please send all information requested and include any documentation (photos, etc.) to:

The Martha Hill Dance Fund
The Legacy Series
305 Riverside Drive  Suite 12E
New York, NY 10025

or you may send via email:


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